Bringing Out The Best In Ourselves and Others: 4 Touchpoints

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So often when we’re in a particular work setting, we let negative thoughts and emotions invade our minds, rather than bringing out the best in ourselves and others. They may be reflections that we have of ourselves, of others, or of what our co-workers may think of us.

However, when we allow these negative emotions to overtake our thinking, it can affect those around us, and this in turn can lead to a toxic cultural environment in the workplace.

That’s why we will be taking a look at building confidence and positivity within ourselves as well as inspiring it in others. I’ll give you some actionable steps you can take to create an overall healthier workplace built on trust, respect, and positive thinking.

Practice Empathy

When others feel unheard, misunderstood, or like their thoughts and feelings aren’t valued, this can create tension. People naturally want you to relate to them in a way that is authentic. And this doesn’t just go for bosses. Any person in a working environment can practice empathy through attentive listening and making an attempt to see things from their perspective. Make an effort to respond in a way that is kind and helpful, while actively showing that this person’s concerns are heard.

You can also practice empathy within yourself. When talking to yourself, do it in the same way you would for a close friend or family member. If you wouldn’t tell them to just figure out the problem and get over it, you shouldn’t say that to yourself either. As much as possible, eliminate self-judgement and forgive yourself of things you may feel guilt over. You, along with everyone else in the world, are growing. So don’t try to hold yourself to a higher, much less achievable standard than your co-workers.

Recognize Accomplishments

If someone does a great job with an assignment, be sure to tell them. If they do an excellent presentation or excel at helping another teammate, you should publicly recognize this. It will make the other person feel good and encourage others to recognize each others’ accomplishments more often. You can effectively build a more supportive environment that supports each others’ wins through just a few kind and well-deserved words each day.

Make sure to recognize your own accomplishments, as well. When you make it through a stressful day (or week, or month) at work, find some way to reward yourself. That could be through ordering from your favorite restaurant or buying something you’ve had your eye on for a while. Verywell has a lot of strong ideas for rewarding yourself. Celebrating your accomplishments, large, small, and in-between, is a great way of practicing self love.

Create a Safe Environment

When someone has a need, concern, or problem, depending on the environment of their office, they may feel more compelled to suffer in silence rather than speak openly about it. This can cause a lot of problems for the office as a whole. In 2019, Dynamic Signal found that 80% of workplace stress is caused by ineffectual company communication.

That’s why it’s so important to keep the lines of communication open between you and your co-workers. You may not be able to control how your boss runs the workplace or the systems currently in place, but you can be the type of person that people feel comfortable talking to, even if it only helps lift just a little bit of stress off of their shoulders.

This should not be confused with gossiping in the office. Creating a safe space is all about making people feel safe, heard, and in a position to perhaps resolve some of the issues. It should not be used as a way to talk negatively about other employees or bosses.

Be Open-Minded

If someone comes to you with a problem on their mind, they will feel hurt if you respond in judgement. It may ensure that they never come speak to you again. And it can create a barrier for a healthy, productive work environment.

If someone makes a mistake at work and comes to you to help problem-solve or offer comfort, you shouldn’t spend time asking them how they could have possibly made that mistake in the first place. It takes all kinds of people to make an office run, so do your best to be kind and respectful to everyone.

Also practice open-mindedness with yourself. Sometimes, you’ll have bad days. We all do. But don’t spend time measuring who you are as a person based on your lowest moments. You are so much more than one bad day. Instead, take inventory of why you’re upset with yourself for something that happened. Then, practice some self-affirmation, stating that you’re past the situation now, you’ve learned from it, and you’re a better person because of the experience.

Continue Bringing Out the Best

Effective communication and acceptance can go a long way in a workplace setting. Each person is unique and special in their own way, and we should actively do our best to raise them (and ourselves) up each and every day.

Do you need some further guidance on how to accomplish this? Does your workplace suffer from poor communication and close-minded thinking? Schedule a meeting with me. I can give you advice on how to create a healthier, happier place to work.